By now you’ve heard plenty of talk about how Artificial Intelligence is the “next big thing” in technology and organizations and people need to be prepared for waves of new AI-powered tools, but what you have not heard is just how AI can and will impact the real work of HR and Talent Acquisition. Ben’s work fills that gap between awareness and understanding and provides real and practical ideas that can be utilized to drive success through AI technologies in your organization.
Steve Boese, Conference Chair for the HR Technology Conference and Host of the HR Happy Hour Podcast
So much has been said about the future of work, but the one thing we do know is that it will be affected by all kinds of automation, including artificial intelligence. HR professionals will need to understand how their own roles are changing while helping employees to develop and prioritize the skills they will need for the age of disruption, and Ben’s take on how we can combine humans and technology paints a bright picture for the future of the HR profession. 
Mary Kaylor, Manager of Public Affairs, Society for Human Resource Management
As we continue to recast and transform the new employment landscape in this millennium, Ben’s important work in HR research remains a vital key in producing collaborative results that not only promotes the profession of human resources, but also orchestrates tangible ROI benefits for employers. In this must-read book, he presents the contemporary and very real challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will change not only how we look at the world of work, but also how we approach what we do in the workplace everyday. 

Dr. Kim LaFevor, Dean of College of Business, Athens State University
Already rapidly seeping into the workplace, artificial intelligence is giving savvy HR professionals and the communities they serve more data and more time to deliver better solutions and programs. Ben’s thought-provoking book is a must-read for any organization committed to remaining competitive in the new and exciting frontier created by AI.
Jeanne Achille, Program Chair, Women in HR Tech Summit, U.S. & Asia and tech entrepreneur
In my many years leading HR and recruiting practices for various companies, I have always kept tabs on the technologies that have the opportunity to fundamentally change the landscape of what we do everyday. Artificial intelligence has that capability, and Ben’s comprehensive coverage gives a deep look at how AI, automation, and machine learning can revolutionize the way we hire and manage employees today. 
Kris Dunn, Chief Human Resource Officer, Kinetix
As a learning and development professional focused on evaluating employee performance, I am keenly interested in ways where we can leverage intelligence and data to answer questions and inform decisions.  Artificial intelligence, as outlined in Ben’s book, is one of the key ways I see businesses becoming more agile and competitive in the digital age through a mix of automation, augmentation, and personalization.
Kevin M. Yates, Fact-Finder for Learning and Development
As always, Ben Eubanks takes a topic as complex as artificial intelligence and presents it in a way that is understandable for people at all levels of technical proficiency. “Artificial Intelligence for HR” is a must read for any business leader concerned with the impact this emerging technology is, and will, have on the modern workforce.
George LaRocque, Founder and Principal Analyst, HRWins
As a technology leader within the learning industry, I often have to remind business leaders that technology is just a component of the overall puzzle. In the end, people are a critical part of the business, and Ben’s book focuses on how we can blend the best that people bring to the table with the best that machines and algorithms have to offer in an exciting way. 
Skip Marshall, Chief Technology Officer, Tribridge
Ben Eubanks has written a must-read book for all human resource professionals. His insight and knowledge around the challenges of this ever-changing world of technology and artificial intelligence in human resources is one of the best in the industry!
Kristi Jones, Manager-Talent Acquisition, H&R Block